UNregular Radio

What the *#%& are you listening to Jack?! UNregular Radio is independent music, comedy, sports, talk, festivals, and so more much more.

UNregular Radio is a free internet radio station headquartered in Boston, MA. UNregular broadcasts 24 hours a day on four channels, with over 35 live shows per week. We bring independent thought and entertainment back to radio and provide an interactive experience for listeners with music, comedy, sports, talk, festivals, politics, and so much more. Listen now on your iPhone, Android, Computer and many other internet devices.

Made for iPhone

Screen Dimension Calculator

If you need to figure out dimensions for the major aspect ratios this app is for you.

Made for iPhone

Championship Squares

Who needs paper? Use Championship Squares to add more enjoyment to the Big Game! Don't spend time running around your party trying to find out who paid or how many squares are left - Championship Squares will take care of this for you! Sit back and relax and let technology make your life easier.

Start by deciding how much each square will cost. Championship Squares then figures out the total amount available and how much each quarter is worth - or you can edit individual quarters. Now add team names and logos (logos saved from the web into your photo library, for example). Tap a square to add a name and Championship Squares copies it automatically for you to paste in any other square - just double tap. Wow, that's easy! Once the entire grid is filled in you can add randomly generated numbers and find out who is looking good and who got the 5's. Collecting what's owed is still on you but you can keep track with Championship Squares - select a name and then tap 'Paid'!

All filled out? Keep the nacho cheese off your iPad and highlight your friends squares using our easy filter and then email them their sheet. Still like paper? The app supports AirPrint for filled out / empty sheets.

Made for iPad

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